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About Marubeni Group

Marubeni Management Philosophy

In accordance with the spirit grounded in “Fairness, Innovation and Harmony,”
the Marubeni Group is proudly committed to social and economic development and safeguarding
the global environment by conducting fair and upright corporate activities.


Marubeni Spirit

"Marubeni Spirit," stipulated in 2013, expresses the corporate culture and spirit promoted by the Marubeni Group
in simplified terms reflecting the behavior of individuals.


lVision for the Marubeni of the Future

Global crossvalue platform

We anticipate the issues and challenges facing society and create innovative solutions for our customers and for the world, breaking down barriers between sectors, between internal and external, crossing borders, building on our existing business models and expanding into new markets.

We will generate new value by freely combining our Group’s strengths, internal and external expertise, individual dreams and visions, taking the Marubeni Group as one single platform.

Global crossvalue platform

Global Network


Representative Business

Chemicals Division

Major Products and Areas

  • Basic Petrochemical Products and plastic derivatives
  • Salt and Chlor-alkali products
  • Life science-related products such as functional ingredients for foods, functional feed additives, oleochemicals and personal care ingredients
  • Electronic materials, Inorganic Mineral Resources, Fertilizer Materials and Inorganic Chemicals

The top of the industry trade volume for
olefins, aromatics, intermediates of
synthetic fiber, polyolefins, PVC and
fertilizer materials

For olefin trading, Marubeni owns or has a standing charter for olefin tankers to maintain its industry-leading position in Asia and the Middle East. For aromatics, intermediates of synthetic fiber, polyolefins, and PVC, Marubeni is expanding its sales networks through cooperation with major suppliers.

Comprehensive expansion of business

Upstream in the supply chain, Marubeni secures a stable supply of inorganic mineral resources, including salt and boric acid, by financing and investing in the world’s major supply sources. Downstream in the supply chain, Marubeni is pursuing profitable opportunities in many fields. One such field is the electronic materials industry where we are involved in displays, solar power generation, semiconductors and battery materials. We are also involved in the specialty chemicals industry, including fatty alcohols, and in the life science industry mainly in feed additives.

Next Generation Business Development Division

Smart City & Infrastructure Businesses

Smart City & Infrastructure

In these businesses, we will strive to use smart technologies to solve energy, environmental, safety, administrative and other such societal issues that urban centers in Asia face. In doing so, we will contribute to the development of more livable communities in Asia. Furthermore, we will develop high-quality industrial parks in Asia that are safe and environmentally friendly, and that contribute to the sharing of technology, human resource development, and the creation of industries and jobs.

New Technology

New Technology

We will promote next-generation battery business and contribute to building a zero-carbon and circular economy. We will also aim to create a next-generation economic zone by promoting business development in the crypto asset, NFT, and metaverse areas that utilize blockchain technology.

Offshore DX

Offshore DX

To meet the DX needs brought on by the global acceleration of digitalization, we will contribute to solving the social problem of IT resource shortages by participating in offshore development businesses that provide abundant and competitive IT resources and by supporting the DX of society and businesses.

Next Generation Retail Businesses

Next Generation Retail

We will explore and pursue new ways of doing retail business in China and Southeast Asia in the post-COVID-19 era. Eventually, we will also aim to re-import these new modes of retail to Japan.

Wellness & Beauty

Wellness & Beauty

We plan to incorporate the Clean Beauty brand (which has an awareness of wellness
functionality and understands the industry’s consumer tendency towards SDGs) into the Division, and develop it for next generation consumers in digital and physical stores in Japan and Asia.

Education Business

Education Business

Developing digital-based education business in Asia and Africa. Utilizing EdTech, we aim to provide educational content and solutions suited to the demands of emerging countries.

Pharmaceutical products & Medical Devices

Pharmaceutical products &
Medical Devices

This Division is leading growth in the medical market―a market with clear regional disparities.
Beginning as a CSO (Contract Sales Organization), and developing into a CRO (Contract Research Organization), we will look to expand our expertise and network in the pharmaceutical and medical device fields, and pursue the creation of a product portfolio.

Medical Services

Medical Services

We pursue solutions to medical infrastructure related issues. By supporting and constructing medical infrastructure such as general hospitals, specialized hospitals, and checkup centers, we will work to enhance medicine and healthcare. Through the adoption of an advanced digital outsourcing model, we will provide value by simultaneously pursuing economic rationality and high quality.

Exploration of Other High-Growth Areas

Exploration of Other High-Growth Areas

We are exploring opportunities to create next-generation businesses in high-growth areas, such as tapping into growth in Africa and other mega-trends.

An agile operation that emphasizes agility and speed, systems that enable specialization in growth domains

We will pursue growth themes in domains that are expected to see explosive growth in the future, utilizing an agile operation that emphasize speed to engage in the creation of new business models.

Development and construction of new business models focusing on solving social/ customer issues regardless of the product verticals of existing businesses

By anticipating the future need for social infrastructure and technological foundations (e.g. blockchain and next generation batteries), we will be able to create new business models.

Systems capable of drawing on the strengths of Marubeni

Through collaboration with the other business divisions, we will promote businesses that fully utilize all of Marubeni’s resources.
By promoting horizontal expansion (entering new domains and linking them with existing ones), we will engage in the creation of new platform functions.

Main Group Companies


Summary A France-based clean beauty brand (makeup products)
Segment Next Generation Business Development Division
Location Japan
Web site https://shigetaparis.jp/

Myanmar Japan Thilawa Development Ltd.

Summary Development, lot sales, and management of industrial parks
in Thilawa Special Economic Zone in Myanmar
Segment Next Generation Business Development Division
Location Myanmar
Web site https://mjtd.com.mm/
Myanmar Japan Thilawa Development Ltd.

Medi Linx Laboratory Inc.

Summary Laboratory testing services in the Philippines
Segment Next Generation Business Development Division
Location Philippines
Web site https://medilinx.com.ph/
Medi Linx Laboratory Inc.


Summary Supply of software to hospitals and operation of DiaryBunda (a maternal and child health handbook smart phone app)
Segment Next Generation Business Development Division
Location Indonesia
Web Site https://diarybunda.co.id/en

P.T. Megalopolis Manunggal Industrial Development

Summary Development, lot sales, and management of MM 2100
Industrial Town
Segment Next Generation Business Development Division
Location Indonesia
Web site https://mm2100.co.id/
P.T. Megalopolis Manunggal Industrial Development

Fobeni Healthcom Pharmaceutical Jiangsu Co., Ltd.

Summary Wholesale of pharmaceuticals between Japan and China
Segment Next Generation Business Development Division
Location China
Web site -

Marubeni Chemix Corporation

Summary Sale and foreign trade of organic chemicals, functional
chemicals and pharmaceutical intermediates
Segment Chemicals Division
Location Japan
Web site https://www.marubenichemix.co.jp/

Marubeni Plax Corporation

Summary Sale and foreign trade of plastic resin and products
Segment Chemicals Division
Location Japan
Web site https://www.plax.co.jp/

Orffa International Holding BV

Summary Sales of feed additives
Segment Chemicals Division
Location Netherlands
Web site https://orffa.com/
Orffa International Holding BV


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