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Announcement of the Launch of "VIDA Insights,"
an Imaging Analytics Software
to Aid in the Diagnosis of Chest CT Images

April 13, 2022

Clairvo Technologies Co., Ltd. ("Clairvo"), a fully-owned subsidiary of Marubeni Corporation, has obtained manufacturing and sales certification for medical devices under the Act on Securing Quality, Efficacy and Safety of Products Including Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices (Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Act), for "VIDA Insights" (hereafter, "this product"), an image analytics software developed by VIDA Diagnostics, Inc. ("VIDA") in the United States, to assist in the interpretation of chest CT images. This is the first product certified under the Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Act for Clairvo, and sales will begin from April.

In domestic medical institutions, medical images such as X-ray photographs and CT images are used in various situations like diagnosing diseases, deciding treatment policies, and postoperative follow-ups. With the recent rise in health awareness and technological innovations in imaging equipment, the number of medical images captured has dramatically increased, which in turn has increased the burden on doctors diagnosing these images.

This product quantifies the air content and low/high absorption areas in each lung lobe from chest CT images and uses proprietary technology to provide visually easy-to-understand information about the entire lung, thereby reducing the burden on doctors. It has been certified as a medical device in the United States, the EU, Canada, and Australia and is being used in medical institutions.

Clairvo will continue to contribute to solving issues in Japanese healthcare by providing excellent products that support the medical field.


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