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Announcement of Sales Launch for
Medical Image Analysis System Developed
by U.S. Enlitic, Inc.

March 13, 2023

Clairvo Technologies Co., Ltd. (hereafter "Clairvo") has begun exclusive sales in Japan of "Curie|ENDEX™" and "Curie|ENCOG™" (collectively referred to as "both products" (*)), systems for organizing, standardizing, and anonymizing medical images utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) technology developed by U.S. Enlitic, Inc. (hereafter "Enlitic").

Enlitic is a U.S. company that develops medical image diagnosis systems using AI for X-rays, CTs, MRIs, etc. Marubeni Corporation (hereafter "Marubeni"), the parent company of Clairvo, provides a medical image diagnostic support system for chest X-rays developed by Enlitic and has acquired exclusive sales rights for both products in the Japanese and APAC markets. Sales in the Japanese market will be conducted by Clairvo as the sales agent.

Currently, in the medical field, medical images are used in various situations such as diagnosing diseases, deciding treatment policies, and post-operative follow-ups. However, the increase in medical images due to higher health consciousness and technological innovations in imaging equipment is increasing the burden on diagnosing doctors and posing challenges for promoting work style reforms for doctors. Therefore, urgent needs are being recognized for utilizing digital technologies to solve problems and for medical collaboration.

Curie|ENDEX™ is a product that organizes and standardizes medical image information into a unified terminology system effective for diagnosis using AI, making the search of medical images easier and promoting the reduction of time involved in doctors' medical practice. On the other hand, Curie|ENCOG™ is a product adapted for the essential personal information protection in medical collaboration, anonymizing personal information remaining in medical images. Both products facilitate the provision of medical images outside the hospital and contribute to the promotion of medical collaboration. Curie|ENDEX™ is already being sold in Europe and the United States and is supporting medical institutions and doctors in various countries.

Clairvo will continue to contribute to solving issues in Japanese healthcare by providing excellent products that support the medical field.


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